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Andy Sivi

1994 Tracks

Country Region Track Description City Date
USAOHNutter Centerconcrete ovalDayton 01/09/1994
USANHNew Hampshire Int. Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalLoudon 05/07/1994
USANHStar Speedwaypaved ovalEpping 05/07/1994
USANCTri-County Motor Speedwaypaved ovalHudson 05/13/1994
USANCSouthern National Speedwaypaved ovalKenly 05/14/1994
USAPAHesston Speedwaydirt ovalHesston 05/21/1994
USAILGodfrey Speedwaydirt ovalGodfrey 05/27/1994
USAKSHeartland Park Topekapaved road circuitTopeka 05/28/1994
USAKSThunder Hill Speedwaydirt ovalMayetta 05/28/1994
USAMOCaruthersville Speedwaydirt ovalCaruthersville 05/29/1994
USAMOI-55 Speedwaydirt ovalPevely 05/30/1994
USAPAJennerstown Speedwaypaved figure eightJennerstown 06/01/1994
USAPAJennerstown Speedway (Inner)paved ovalJennerstown 06/01/1994
USAVTThunder Road International Speedwaypaved ovalBarre 06/16/1994
CANPQGranby Speedwaydirt ovalGranby 06/17/1994
USANYAirborne Park Speedwaypaved ovalPlattsburgh 06/18/1994
CANNSScotia Speedworldpaved ovalHalifax 06/24/1994
CANPERaceway Parkpaved ovalOyster Bed Bridge 06/25/1994
CANNBRiver Glade Speedwaypaved ovalRiver Glade 06/26/1994
USAILRockford Speedwaypaved ovalLoves Park 07/04/1994
CANMBWinnipeg Speedwaydirt ovalWinnipeg 07/05/1994
CANSKBridge City Spedwaypaved ovalSaskatoon 07/08/1994
CANABBridge County Speedwaydirt ovalLethbridge 07/09/1994
CANBCCranbrook International Speedwaypaved ovalCranbrook 07/10/1994
CANONDelaware Speedwaypaved ovalDelaware 07/29/1994
USAMICrystal Motor Speedwaydirt ovalCrystal 07/30/1994
USAMIWaterford Hillspaved road circuitClarkston 07/30/1994
USAMIDixie Motor Speedway (Inner)paved ovalBirch Run 07/31/1994
USAMISpartan Speedwaypaved figure eightMason 07/31/1994
CANONFlamboro Speedwaypaved ovalFreelton 08/01/1994
CANONMerrittville Speedwaydirt ovalThorold 08/01/1994
USAINBenton County Speedwaydirt ovalChase 08/06/1994
USAINIndianapolis Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalSpeedway 08/06/1994
USAILVermilion County Speedwaydirt ovalDanville 08/07/1994
USAILPeoria Speedwaydirt ovalPeoria 08/25/1994
USAILBelle-Clair Speedwaydirt ovalBelleville 08/26/1994
USAMOCapital Speedwaydirt ovalHolts Summit 08/27/1994
USAMOMissouri State Fair (Short Track)dirt ovalSedalia 08/27/1994
USAILGateway International Raceway (Old Course)paved road circuitMadison 08/28/1994
USACTStafford Motor Speedwaypaved ovalStafford Springs 09/02/1994
USACTStafford Motor Speedway (Inner)paved ovalStafford Springs 09/02/1994
USANHWhite Mountain Motorsports Parkpaved ovalNorth Woodstock 09/03/1994
USANHHudson Speedwaypaved ovalHudson 09/04/1994
USANHLee USA Speedwaypaved ovalLee 09/04/1994
USAVAVirginia Sports Arenaconcrete ovalDoswell 09/23/1994
USAVASouthampton Speedwaydirt ovalCapron 09/24/1994
USAKYThunder Ridge Speedwaydirt ovalAuxier 10/01/1994
USAGASeven Flags Speedwaydirt ovalDouglasville 11/12/1994
USAINHoosier Domeconcrete figure eightIndianapolis 12/10/1994
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