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Thanks for archiving all the data. This driver's 'track list' could/would be etched/displayed on walls behind his bronze statue when his memorial is near completion. Gary Slominski, Dick Tricle Memorial Project, WI.
I am excited to by part of your group. Thank you for including me. John Lehman, NY
Thank you for adding my track list to the site. John Ritter, PA

Thanks for all your work. Andy Ritter, PA
You dedication to the group is fantastic. Tim Frost, National Speedway Directory, IL
Keep up the great work with RTR, as always. I love the Project Driver page. Very nice. Will White, PA
You get the Honours you rightly deserve for your splendid work and dedication. Roland Vanden Eynde, BEL
Thank you so much for having this. My father was proud to be a part of your site. Rob Garrison (Dave Garrison's son)
Having access to the data base for racers like Tommy Hinnershitz is great. Thanks. Dave Balloch, PA
Thanks for all you do for the group. Vince Sadowski, AZ


I would be remiss if I didn't thank you for your time in overseeing the TrackChaser group. Todd Shannon, WI
Keep up the good work! Rick Rickard, GA
Awesome work on the website. Rob Goodman, IN
Thanks for all you do for racing!!! We are lucky to have people like you and Mike (Knappenberger) who has such a passion for our sport. Bob Bachman, OH
When I heard you were allowing people with 100 tracks into your group, I knew I had to send my list in. Thank you for all you do for racing, Guy. Harry Wilson, NJ
Keep up the good work and thanks. Bruce Spencer.
I've followed your column for years and always thumb my way to yours first every week. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'd like to share mine with the group. I just made the cut at 102! The lists you've compiled are amazing and I look forward to meeting you and other track chasers in the future. I'm having a blast looking at the other members lists. Matt Chambers, First State Fans, DE.
Thank you for this wonderful website. Thanks for all of your hard work in coordinating such an enormous undertaking. I can only imagine all of the hours that you put into this. Bruce Griffiths, NJ
Nice job with the new Research Group Drivers Page on your RTR website. You and Mike (Knappenberger) are both doing excellent work at creating more interest and making our hobbies more fun for more people. Keep up the great work. Will White, PA
Thanks Guy, and keep up the good work! Mike Leone, PA
Really appreciate all your efforts, not just updating my track list, but with all that you do for TrackChasers. Mark, Kelly ENG, GBR
Thanks for putting a plaque together in my dad's memory at Belleville. I appreciate everything you and the TrackChaser group have done in honor of dad. Now his grandkids can go to Knoxville and Belleville and see plaques at both. Lee Esser, WI
See you sometime. Keep up the good work! Eleanor Weidman, NY
Nice to see our names in the lights. Thanks for the hard work and dedication to the sport. Doug Stiles, NJ

Although my 112 tracks pale in comparison to many in the group, I'm honored to be listed in this group as racing and on occasion, searching out new tracks is a great passion of mine. Thanks to Guy for all his hard work and efforts with the group.  Dave Ludwig, PA

Thanks for your continued efforts on the weekly newsletter. Lots and lots of work. You do such a great job on everything - have no idea how you manage it all!  Just amazing. I really appreciate the NSD page on the RTR site.  Very well done. The website keeps evolving, keep up the great work. Tim Frost, National Speedway Directory, IL

Thanks for including me in the Track Chaser list...what an honor.  I can't imagine the time and effort you've put into including all the "sub 200" folks, so thank you.  I appreciate it and it really does mean a lot. Thanks again for what you do, for the kind words, and simply for your support of racing in general.  Keep up the good work. I rarely post/write on the TrackChaser listserve, but I read each and every one (thanks for the kind words recently).  Announcing at Eldora and working PPV events for, I don't get to travel nearly as much as I would like I have to live my life vicariously through the rest of you.  Keep it up!!—Dustin Jarrett, OH

Great Job by you. The site gets better each year. Mike Knappenberger, PA

I think you do a great job w/o much praise. I can't think of many people that put in that much effort for their hobby. Vince Sadowski, AZ

You are doing a great job with all this, your efforts mean a lot to me and most everybody in our group.  I still read all the posts and cannot thank you enough for your tireless efforts improving the website. Thanks again for your great work. PJ Hollebrand, NY

Let me finish by just expressing that you do a great job with the website and the forum. Our group is stronger than ever and the input of fresh colleagues is nice to notice. Continue the good work and don't let yourself be distracted by the Statler’s and Waldorf’s of this world who like to criticize but never lift a finger to help making things better.  Roland Vanden Eynde, BEL

Thanks for everything you  (and your website predecessors) do for the group.   Edward Corrado, NY

I know you don't get the credit you deserve for everything you do to try to keep the group and all the records current. Will did a great job but you are raising the bar. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you keeping all my tracks listed and up to date. You are the # 1 supporter of keeping this group active. Keep up the great work and thanks again.  Mike Knappenberger, PA

Thanks so much for your help with my track list and for your site. You and Mike have been a great help.  I truly do appreciate all you did for me.  Jeff Sands, PA

On Tuesday night I met Guy at the Keystone Quarter Midget track. It was a   pleasure to meet him and spend the evening with him. He was so helpful getting all of the tracks I have been to listed and is always available to  answer  questions.—Vince Sadowski, AZ

Another nice page. You're doin' good, kid!  Will White, PA

I have to congratulate you on the nice work with Ed's page. It was very nicely and serenely done.  Roland Vanden Eynde, BEL

That is awesome!  Lots of info and pictures.  Your work effort and product should be commended.  You are doing a tremendous job with the entire Trackchasing community.  NSD looks forward to supporting everyone’s efforts. Tim Frost, National Speedway Directory, IL

Thanks for posting my track list, it looks good—Russ Currie, NJ

Thanks again for all you do for the group—Bruce Eckel, PA

I appreciate what you do for the Trackchaser group and for the sport in general.  Dustin Jarrett, OH

Thanks for all you do for trackchasers.  John Moore, TN


Thanks for the good work on your website, PJ Hollebrand, NY

Thank you for taking your time to put up the site and to maintain it.  Thank you so much for your help in getting all of the tracks listed. Vince Sadowski, AZ

It amazes me to see how much effort you put into keeping the track lists updated for the group each and every week. We know we can count on you to do the job. Mike Knappenberger, PA

Thanks for your hard work, I really appreciate it.  Rick Young, ON, CAN

The site will look good when its finished.....if I live long enough lol. Colin Herridge, ENG, GBR

Really appreciate the time you put into this.  Ron Fredenberg, Badger Midgets, WI

Keep up the good work with the site.  Thanks.  Andy Ritter, PA

I appreciate what you and the track chaser group do for all racing fans.  Lee Esser, WI


I was thrilled to see that my list had been updated. I can't thank you enough for all you do.  Chris Tyrrel, PA

Congrats on the site!  It has made tremendous progress. All of the statistics compiled by the head statistician are impressive.  National Speedway Directory is proud to support the TrackChasers in their travels around the globe!  Thanks to Guy Smith for the timely (and time consuming) updates!  Amazing to see what travels everyone is doing.  Your efforts keeping up with this is unbelievable.  Lots of work.  Tim Frost, National Speedway Directory, IL

I look forward to joining Trackchasers!—Jerry Fisher, ENG, GBR

Your site blossoms beyond what most trackchasers expected in such a short time. You've done a splendid job keeping the group going and thoroughly improving it. You came up with a number of very original ideas to accommodate for a lot of people's wishes, without having to change any rules.  Roland Vanden Eynde, BEL

I like the progress on the new website, keep up the good work.  Ed Esser, WI

You are doing a good job for everyone in the group.  I know how much of your own time you are spending doing this for us.  Thank you.  Mike Knappenberger, PA

I think you should just keep tracks lists for us and our friends in the group that will truly appreciate it. But since you are determined to keep the group going as Will did, I know you will do the very best job you possibly can and be as fair as possible to everyone. I wish you the best and I love you. Pam Smith, PA
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