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The information contained within the pages of the roamingtheraceway.com website has been collected in good faith from the submissions of the site users, with the intent and effort to make it as accurate as possible. Information is generally accepted on the "honor system" from the contrbutors to this site.

This site is not affiliated with, nor does it represent, any race track, sanctioning body, publication, driver, or any other entity within the sport of auto racing.

It is an honor to have created, archive, display, and updated pages for over 125 TrackChaser Fans and over 120 Researched Drivers from the TrackChaser Group. It is stressed that the website is wholly owned and operated by Guy Smith. All final decisions as to content are his alone, and not those of any outside group or individual.

Many people contribute website content on a weekly basis, but very special thanks go to Pam Smith and Will White of Pennylvania, USA, and Roland Vanden Eynde of Vilvoorde, Belgium for the above and beyond continued support in website development.

Although I am probably leaving some people out, many thanks also go to Allan Brown, Bruce Eckel, Lee/Ed Esser, John Lehmann, Norm Wagner, Edward Corrado, Todd Shannon, etc. for going above and beyond with their contributions.

All data is for general informational purposes and should not be considered complete, just as complete as possible at any given time. Additions and corrections are always welcome.

Anyone is encouraged and welcome to use information gathered from this site in the positive promotion of the sport of auto racing or the hobby of TrackChasing, but should keep the above disclaimer in mind when doing so. I do it because I just flat out love doing this!

Guy Smith-roamingtheraceways.com Owner and Webmaster

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