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TrackChaser group member Andy Ritter has developed his own website for fans of the sport of ice hockey. Titled "Roaming the Rinks", the site complements the "Roaming the Raceways" TrackChaser website in that it lists the hockey rinks visited by qualifying fans.

To qualify for membership in his Roaming the Rinks Nation, Andy has set a minimum standard of 20 rinks/arenas for College, Junior (Tier 3 or above), or Professional ice hockey.

The following people have earned "RTR Dual Citizenship", achieving listed status on both sites, becoming a "TrackChaser" by attending auto racing at 100 tracks and becoming a member of "Roaming the Rinks Nation" by seeing ice hockey at 20 rinks.

You can access Andy's site directly: www.roamingtherinks.com, or jump directly to his site's version of our joint "RTR Dual Citizenship" project.

Triple Crown Members
A special notation for anyone seeing 100 auto racing tracks, 100 ballparks, and 100 ice hockey rinks


Twin 100's Members
A special notation for anyone seeing auto racing at 100 tracks and ice hockey at 100 arenas


NOTE: ANDY RITTER has now reached the TWIN 200 PLATEAU!!!

Dual Citizens (20)
Qualifying for listed status on Roaming the Raceways & Roaming the Rinks
Published total as of March, 2019

Name Home Tracks Rinks
Edward Corrado
Endicott, NY, USA Tracks Rinks
Elaine Fleming
Tiverton, RI, USA Tracks Rinks
Don Gillet
Marietta, PA, USA
Tracks Rinks
Brian Hickey
Westport, MA, USA Tracks Rinks
Mike Knappenberger
Reading, PA, USA Tracks
John Lehmann
Kirkville, NY, USA Tracks Rinks
Tim Long
Blandon, PA, USA Tracks Rinks
Mark Manning
Inverness, Florida, USA Tracks
Andy Ritter
Mansfield, Pennsylvania, USA Tracks
John Ritter
Troy, PA, USA Tracks Rinks
Linda Rixon
Watford, England, GBR Tracks
Spike Rixon
Watford Endland, GBR Tracks
Tom Schmeh
Owego, NY Tracks Rinks
Todd Shannon
Pleasant Prarie, WI, USA
Tracks Rinks
Guy Smith
Effort, Pennsylvania, USA Tracks
Pam Smith
Effort, Pennsylvania, USA Tracks
Tim Stephens
Elyria, OH, USA Tracks Rinks
Pete Vercauteren
DePere, WI, USA Tracks Rinks
Norm Wagner
Bedford, OH, USA Tracks Rinks
Paul Weisel
Orefield, PA, USA Tracks
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