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* Do you like a variety of different types of Auto Racing?

* Do you like visiting different tracks to see racing in person?

* Would you like to have fun with a group of fellow race fans with similar interests?

If you answered "YES" to the above, then TrackChasers is for you!

TrackChasers is an unofficial group of race fans that started over 30 years ago because we shared a love for auto racing, travel, and seeing different race tracks. At that time, Allan Brown's "National Speedway Directory" was our guiding light.

There are now over 250 individual track listing displayed on the site. This includes over 125 fan listings, and over 120 researched race driver resumes. The group has recorded over 69,000 new track visits at 6,8500 different tracks at 5,100 locations in 79 different countries on every continent.

<<Sounds great! How do I get started?>>

First, get a pen and paper (or type it in a word processing program) and make a list of all the race tracks you've been to and have seen wheel-to-wheel auto racing.

Second, get out there and go to a bunch more!

In the meantime, join the TrackChaser Yahoo Groups! listserve forum and share information about your experiences and about upcoming events and race track news with other race fans from all over the world that have a similar interest. Sharing with others is a big part of the fun.

When you reach 100 tracks, send in your list and within a very short time, it will appear on the website

Now, you can access your track list from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Other race fans can enjoy seeing where you have been as well.

Show your family. Impress your friends. Amaze your co-workers.

Then, when you go to more new tracks, just send them in and they will be added to your existing list. The site is updated each and every week.

<<Wow! How much does it cost?>>

Believe it or not, there is no cost to participate! The website cost and upkeep, as well as the track list maintenance is done as a labor of love by Guy Smith, who has dedicated his recreational time to the hobby for 35 years.

<<Sign me up! I'm going to tell all my friends!>>

Good to have you! And welcome to the group! --Guy Smith

Track lists should be submitted to Guy at the following email address:

Hard copies may be mailed via the postal system. Contact Guy using the email address above for more information.

Inquiries can also be directed to the above addresss

Copyright © 2019 by Guy M. Smith, all rights reserved.

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