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Pappy Hough (Driver)

Indoor Tracks

Country Region Track Description City Date
USACTNew Haven Arenawood ovalNew Haven //
USACTNew Haven Coliseumconcrete ovalNew Haven 12/11/1993
USADCUline Arenaconcrete ovalWashington //
USADCWashington Stadiumconcrete ovalWashington //
USAILChicago Armorydirt ovalChicago //
USAILChicago Coliseumpaved ovalChicago //
USAILChicago Riding Clubdirt ovalChicago //
USAILChicago Stadiumdirt ovalChicago //
USAILInternational Amphithreatrepaved ovalChicago //
USAINIndiana State Fair Arena dirtdirt ovalIndianapolis //
USAINIndiana State Fair Arena pavedpaved ovalIndianapolis //
USAINIndiana State Fairgrounds Coliseumpaved ovalIndianapolis //
USAKYFreedom Hallconcrete ovalLouisville //
USAKYKentucky State Fair Pavilionconcrete ovalLouisville //
USAMAEastern States Expo Coliseumdirt ovalWest Springfield //
USAMIMichigan State Fairgrounds Coliseumdirt ovalDetroit //
USAMOSaint Louis Arenaconcrete ovalSaint Louis //
USANJAtlantic City Convention Hallconcrete ovalAtlantic City //
USANJTeaneck Armoryconcrete ovalTeaneck //
USANYBronx Coliseumwood ovalBronx //
USANYBuffalo Armoryconcrete ovalBuffalo //
USANYIsland Gardensconcrete ovalWest Hempstead //
USANYKinsgbridge Armoryconcrete ovalBronx //
USANYLong Island ArenaovalCommack //
USANYNew York Coliseumdirt ovalBronx //
USANYNew York State Fairgrounds Arenaconcrete ovalSyracuse //
USAOHEquestrium Hallconcrete ovalCleveland //
USAOHToledo Sports Arenaconcrete ovalToledo //
USAOKOklahoma City Coliseumdirt ovalOklahoma City //
USAPAPennsylvania Farm Show Arenadirt ovalHarrisburg //
USATXPan American Grounds Livestock ArenaovalDallas //
USATXWill Rogers AuditoriumovalFort Worth //

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