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The TrackChaser Fan Ladder Program is patterned after the Martial Arts belt system. It is an introspective exercise in goal setting and attainment, where an individual TrackChaser Fan can challenge themselves to climb to the next rung on the ladder. There is no competition involved with other TrackChasers as with the NSD Awards Program. There is no limit to how many individuals can rest on any single rung. Certificates of Achievement are available upon request.

Last updated March, 2019

Award Rung Climbers
Rung XVI
2,500 Tracks
TrackChaser Platinum Level
Rung XV
2,000 Tracks
TrackChaser Sapphire Level
Rung XIV
1,750 Tracks
TrackChaser Diamond Level
Guy Smith
1,500 Tracks
TrackChaser Emerald Level
Gordy Killian
Rung XII
1,430 Tracks
TrackChaser Elite Traveller
Presented for Ed Esser

Ed Esser
Rung XI
1,250 Tracks
TrackChaser Ruby Level

Allan Brown
Roland Vanden Eynde

Rung X
Gold Level 1,000 Track Club
Honoring Allan Brown and
National Speedway Directory

Rick Schneider
Mike Knappenberger
Andy Sivi
Robert Helmick
Jack Erdmann
Pam Smith
Paul Weisel

Rung IX
900 Tracks
TrackChaser Silver Level

P. J. Hollebrand
John Moore
800 Tracks
TrackChaser Jade Level

Norm Wagner
Will White
Dale O'Brien
Bruce Eckel
Pat Eckel
Rung VII
700 Tracks
TrackChaser Bronze Level
Roger Ferrell
Nancy Brown
Rung VI
600 Tracks
TrackChaser Copper Level
Paul Weidman
Brian Hickey
Edward Corrado

Rung V
563 Tracks
I Passed Pappy Hough Club

Bing Metz

Rung IV
500 Tracks
TrackChaser 500 Track Club
In Memory of John Osowski

Eleanor Weidman
Jim Hanley
Kevin Eckert

Rung III
400 Tracks
TrackChaser Voting Member

John Osowski
Carol Lewis
Tom Schmeh
Ben Trask
Vince Sadowski
Bob Shafer
John Ritter
Rung II
300 Tracks
"Let 'em All Go"
for Chris Economaki
Dan Shultz
Dave Garrison
Ron Rodda
Dwight Bucks
Max Allender
Johnny Gibson
Jeff Sands
Chris Economaki
Bruce Carley
Gary Jacob
Spike Rixon
Ben Turner
Rung I
200 Tracks
TrackChaser Member
Remembering Tom Sivi

Chris Tyrrel
Virginia Schuler
Dale Danielski
Colin Casserley
Andy Ritter
Jon "Jay" Mooney
Mark Kelly
John Jones
Frank Antonides, Jr.
Lee Esser
James Estelle
Don McAuley
Bernie Harlan
Mark Manning
Rob Goodman
John Lehmann
Alan Skinrood
Rick Young
Russ Currie
Tom Sivi
Mike Devin
Peter Burge
Dustin Jarrett
Rich Berry
Jeff Kristensen
Brian Dolphy
Mike Leone

Ground Level
100 Tracks
TrakChaser Newbie

Rick Rickard
Kathy Knappenberger
Pete Vercauteren
Harold Brossman
Chuck Bollinger
Don Gillet
Colin Herridge
Bill Hess
Chris Frey
Chris Stepan
Jon Noggle
Bill Schwoyer
Joseph Marino
Tim Stephens
Russ Creason
Mike Gaskell
Kurt Grotyohann
Linda Rixon
Doug Stiles
David Ludwig
Ian Fowle
Robin Shaw
Alison Fowle
Andy Fusco
Harry Wilson
Marc Radley
Bruce Griffiths
Shawn Hackman
Phil Levering
Dean Reynolds
Russel Frei
Rex LeJuene
Kevin Stiles
Mark Nipps
Bob Bachman
Matt Chambers
Todd Shannon
Michael Coleates
Jerry Fisher
Doug Ferrell
Don Salzar
Tim Long
Steve Peters
James Reeder
Rob Dalton
Mike Mallet
Elaine Fleming
Dave Hopkins
Sue Dolphy
Blu Metz
Nick Walters
Bryan Hulbert
Yvon Burret
Larry Jendras
JoAnn Marino
Paul Haslam

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