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Ontario Tracks

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Track Description City Date
Ancaster Fairgroundsdirt figure eightJerseyville 09/20/2012
Ancaster Fairgroundsdirt off road ovalJerseyville 09/20/2012
Augusta Motorsport Parkdirt off road circuitNorth Augusta 09/16/2007
Barrie Speedway (Tri Oval)paved ovalOro Station 09/09/2012
Binbrook Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBinbrook 09/14/2007
Bolton Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBolton 09/21/2012
Brampton Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBrampton 09/13/2007
Brighton Speedwaydirt ovalBrighton 05/19/2012
Brockville Ontario Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalAddison 07/31/2013
Brooklin Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBrooklin 06/02/2011
Brooklin Fairgroundsdirt off road ovalBrooklin 06/02/2011
Calabogie Motorsports Parkpaved road circuitCalabogie 09/07/2013
Capital City Speedwayfrozen parking lot circuitStittsville 02/19/2012
Capital City Speedwaypaved ovalStittsville 09/07/2013
Clarence Creekdirt ovalClarence Creek 02/17/2008
Cornwall Motor Speedwaydirt ovalCornwall 07/14/2013
Delaware Speedwaypaved ovalDelaware 08/30/2008
Dorchester Fairgroundsdirt figure eightDorchester 10/12/2013
Flamboro Speedwaypaved ovalFreelton 06/23/2012
Humberstone Speedwaydirt figure eightPort Colborne 09/30/2006
Humberstone Speedwaydirt off road circuitPort Colborne 09/30/2006
Humberstone Speedwaydirt ovalPort Colborne 09/30/2006
Ilderton Fairgroundsdirt figure eightIlderton 10/01/2006
Kinmount Fairgroundsdirt figure eightKinmount 09/02/2012
Lincoln County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBeamsville 09/09/2012
London Gardensconcrete ovalLondon 01/15/2005
Merrittville Speedwaydirt ovalThorold 05/24/2014
Milton Fairgroundsdirt figure eightMilton 09/21/2012
Milton Fairgroundsdirt off road ovalMilton 09/22/2012
Minden Fairgroundsfrozen road circuitMinden 02/14/2009
Mosport International Racewaypaved ovalMosport 09/01/2012
Mosport International Racewaypaved road circuitMosport 06/24/2012
Ohsweken Fairgroundsdirt figure eightOhsweken 09/12/2010
Ohsweken Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalOhsweken 08/29/2008
Ohsweken Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalOhsweken 08/29/2008
Orangeville Fairgroundsdirt figure eightOrangeville 09/02/2012
Owen Sound Fairgroundsdirt off road ovalOwen Sound 09/08/2012
Peterborough Speedwaypaved ovalPeterborough 09/01/2012
Rockton Fairgroundsdirt figure eightRockton 10/13/2013
Rockton Fairgroundsdirt off road ovalRockton 10/12/2013
Shannonville Motorsport Park (Long Track)paved road circuitShannonville 05/19/2012
South Buxton Racewaydirt ovalSouth Buxton 08/30/2008
Stratford Fairgroundsdirt figure eightStratford 09/23/2012
Sunset Speedwaydirt ovalBrighton 05/20/2012
Thamesford Recreation Centredirt figure eightThamesford 05/20/2012
Tillsonburg Fairgroundsdirt figure eightTillsonburg 06/23/2012
Tillsonburg Indoor Speedwaydirt ovalTillsonburg 06/08/2010
Trudeau Parkdirt road circuitTweed 05/19/2012
Varney Motor Speedwaymixed figure eightDurham 09/15/2007
Varney Motor Speedwaypaved ovalDurham 09/15/2007
Western Fairgrounds Racewaydirt figure eightLondon 09/18/2011
Western Fairgrounds Racewaydirt off road ovalLondon 09/17/2011

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