Ocean Speedway Attendees

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Rico Abreu (Driver) Rutherford, CA, USA 04/15/2011
Bobby Allen (Driver) Hanover, PA, USA 04/01/2016
Max Allender Des Moines, IA, USA //
Dale Blaney (Driver) Fowler, OH, USA 09/09/2000
Allan Brown Comstock Park, MI, USA 09/21/1984
Nancy Brown Comstock Park, MI, USA 09/04/1992
Bryan Clauson (Driver) (Deceased) Noblesville, IN, USA 08/27/2011
Edward Corrado Monterey, CA, USA 06/09/2017
Craig Dollansky (Driver) Elk River, MN, USA 08/29/2001
Kevin Eckert Speedway, IN, USA 08/29/2001
Tim Gee (Driver) Leduc, AB, CAN 10/02/1981
Johnny Gibson Shakopee, MN, USA //
Tim Green (Driver) San Jose, CA, USA 10/03/1980
Kurt Grotyohann Farmingdale, NJ, USA //
Jac Haudenschild (Driver) Wooster, OH, USA 09/09/2000
Johnny Herrera (Driver) Albuquerque, NM, USA 09/09/2000
Greg Hodnett (Driver) Spring Grove, PA, USA 09/09/2000
PJ Hollebrand Webster, NY, USA 06/09/1989
Gary Jacob (Deceased) Turlock, CA, USA //1965
Dean Jacobs (Driver) Wooster, OH, USA 09/09/2000
Tim Kaeding (Driver) San Jose, CA, USA 07/26/1996
Kasey Kahne (Driver) Enumclaw, WA, USA 06/28/1998
Mark Kelly Milton Keynes, ENG, GBR 04/26/1996
Chad Kemenah (Driver) Findley, OH, USA 10/17/2008
Gordy Killian Wyomissing, PA, USA 10/17/2008
Kraig Kinser (Driver) Bloomington, IN, USA 10/17/2008
Mark Kinser (Driver) Oolitic, IN, USA 09/09/2000
Steve Kinser (Driver) Bloomington, IN, USA 09/09/2000
Mike Knappenberger Reading, PA, USA 10/17/2008
Kyle Larson (Driver) Elk Grove, CA, USA 09/20/2008
Danny Lasoski (Driver) Dover, MO, USA 09/09/2000
Mike Leone New Bedford, PA, USA 04/10/2015
Carol Lewis San Clemente, CA, USA 06/29/1984
Kerry Madsen (Driver) Knoxville, IA, USA 10/17/2008
Paul McMahan (Driver) Elk Grove, CA, USA 05/16/1992
Jason Meyers (Driver) Clovis, CA, USA 08/01/1997
John Moore Knoxville, TN, USA //
Jan Opperman (Driver) (Deceased) Noxon, MT, USA 09/25/1965
John Osowski (Deceased) Westfield, MA, USA //
Daryn Pittman (Driver) Owosso, OK, USA 09/09/2000
Andy Ritter Mansfield, PA, USA //
Ron Rodda Lincoln, CA, USA //
Joey Saldana (Driver) Brownstown, IN, USA 09/09/2000
Donny Schatz (Driver) Fargo, ND, USA 09/09/2000
Tom Schmeh Owego, NY, USA //1983
Rick Schneider Bay Shore, NY, USA //
Ken Schrader (Driver) Concord, NC, USA 06/25/1999
Tim Shaffer (Driver) Aliquippa, PA, USA 09/09/2000
Ron Shuman (Driver) Tempe, AZ, USA 04/21/1995
Jason Sides (Driver) Bartlett, TN, USA 10/17/2008
Jimmy Sills (Driver) Elverta, CA, USA 10/03/1980
Andy Sivi Clairton, PA, USA 08/02/2013
Alan Skinrood Livermore, CA, USA //
Shane Stewart (Driver) Bixby, OK, USA 03/14/2008
Brad Sweet (Driver) Grass Valley, CA, USA 04/01/2016
Sammy Swindell (Driver) Bartlett, TN, USA 09/09/2000
Chris Tyrrel Schnecksville, PA, USA 08/20/1993
Roland Vanden Eynde Vilvoorde, VLG, BEL 04/28/2000
Tyler Walker (Driver) Hermosa Beach, CA, USA 03/14/2008
Nick Walters Champaign, IL, USA //
Paul Weisel Orefield, PA, USA 04/01/2016
Will White Quakertown, PA, USA 10/22/2010
Greg Wilson (Driver) Benton Ridge, OH, USA 04/01/2016
J. J. Yeley (Driver) Charlotte, NC, USA 04/21/1995


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