DuQuoin State Fairgrounds Attendees

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Max Allender Des Moines, IA, USA //
Mario Andretti (Driver) Nazareth, PA, USA 09/05/1964
Steve Arpin (Driver) Fort Francis, ON, CAN 09/07/2009
Dave Blaney (Driver) High Point, NC, USA 09/03/1984
Scott Bloomquist (Driver) Mooresburg, TN, USA 06/20/1999
Allan Brown Comstock Park, MI, USA 09/04/1983
Nancy Brown Comstock Park, MI, USA 12/18/2010
Bruce Carley Bellevue, OH, USA //
Bryan Clauson (Driver) (Deceased) Noblesville, IN, USA 09/05/2010
Edward Corrado Monterey, CA, USA //
Russ Creason Chicago, IL, USA //
Dave Darland (Driver) Lincoln, IN, USA 09/10/1994
Mike Devin Indianapolis, IN, USA //1970
Brian Dolphy O'Fallon, IL, USA //1993
Sue Dolphy O'Fallon, IL, USA //1993
Bruce Eckel Crawfordsville, IN, USA 09/02/1991
Pat Eckel Crawfordsville, IN, USA 09/02/1991
Kevin Eckert Speedway, IN, USA //
Jack Erdmann (Deceased) DePere, WI, USA 09/04/1989
Ed Esser (Deceased) Madison, WI, USA //
Lee Esser Cottage Grove, WI, USA //
Roger Ferrell Majenica, IN, USA 09/03/2006
A. J. Foyt (Driver) Houston, TX, USA 09/02/1957
Joe Gaerte (Driver) Rochester, IN, USA 08/22/1992
Dave Garrison (Deceased) Bedford, KY, USA 09/05/1999
Dan Gurney (Driver) Costa Mesa, CA, USA 09/05/1966
Robert Helmick Orlando, FL, USA 07//2001
Jack Hewitt (Driver) Palatka, FL, USA 08/27/1978
Tommy Hinnershitz (Driver) (Deceased) Oley, PA, USA 09/05/1955
Rickey Hood (Driver) Phoenix, AZ, USA 09/06/1982
Kevin Huntley (Driver) Bloomington, IN, USA 09/06/2003
Jim Hurtubise (Driver) (Deceased) North Tonawanda, NY, USA //1960
Kenny Jacobs (Driver) Holmesville, OH, USA 09/01/1986
Parnelli Jones (Driver) Torrence, CA, USA 09/05/1960
Kasey Kahne (Driver) Enumclaw, WA, USA 09/04/2000
Keith Kauffman (Driver) Mifflintown, PA, USA 09/06/1982
Mel Kenyon (Driver) Lebanon, IN, USA 09/02/1967
Gordy Killian Wyomissing, PA, USA 09/02/1990
Steve Kinser (Driver) Bloomington, IN, USA 09/06/1982
Jeff Kristensen San Antonio, TX, USA //2014
Kyle Larson (Driver) Elk Grove, CA, USA 09/04/2011
DeWayne "Tiny" Lund (Driver) Harlan, IA, USA //1972
Don McAuley Winnipeg, MB, CAN //1984
Jon "Jay" Mooney Effingham, IL, USA 09/10/1994
Jon Noggle Indianapolis, IN, USA 08/30/1969
Dale O'Brien Bradenton, FL, USA 07/14/1984
Jan Opperman (Driver) (Deceased) Noxon, MT, USA 08/29/1976
John Osowski (Deceased) Westfield, MA, USA //2000
Johnny Rutherford (Driver) River Oaks, TX, USA 09/02/1963
Joe Ruttman (Driver) Nort Port, FL, USA 08/26/1978
Rick Schneider Bay Shore, NY, USA //
Frankie Schneider (Driver) Lambertville, NJ, USA 08/24/1980
Ken Schrader (Driver) Concord, NC, USA 08/16/1975
Todd Shannon Pleasant Prairie, WI, USA 09/05/2004
Ron Shuman (Driver) Tempe, AZ, USA 08/28/1977
Jimmy Sills (Driver) Elverta, CA, USA 09/04/1989
Andy Sivi Clairton, PA, USA 09/02/1991
Alan Skinrood Livermore, CA, USA //
Guy Smith Effort, PA, USA 09/02/1990
Danny Smith (Driver) Chillicothe, OH, USA 09/04/1989
Tim Stephens Elyria, OH, USA //
Sammy Swindell (Driver) Bartlett, TN, USA 08/27/1978
Dick Trickle (Driver) (Deceased) Rudolph, WI, USA 09/05/1971
Ben Turner Westminster, MD, USA 09/03/2016
Curtis Turner (Driver) (Deceased) Floyd, VA, USA 09/01/1963
Chris Tyrrel Schnecksville, PA, USA 09/04/1994
Rich Vogler (Driver) (Deceased) Chicago, IL, USA 08/31/1974
Norm Wagner Bedford, OH, USA 09/04/1995
Tyler Walker (Driver) Hermosa Beach, CA, USA 09/06/2003
Nick Walters Champaign, IL, USA 09/02/2018
Eleanor Weidman Rensselaer, NY, USA //
Paul Weidman Rensselaer, NY, USA //
Paul Weisel Orefield, PA, USA 09/02/2001
Harry Wilson Hamilton, NJ, USA 09/02/2001
J. J. Yeley (Driver) Charlotte, NC, USA 09/01/1997


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