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Mike Knappenberger

Figure 8 Tracks

Country Region Track Description City Date
CANONAncaster Fairgroundsdirt figure eightJerseyville 09/20/2012
CANONBinbrook Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBinbrook 09/14/2007
CANONBolton Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBolton 09/21/2012
CANONBrampton Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBrampton 09/13/2007
CANONBrooklin Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBrooklin 06/02/2011
CANONDorchester Fairgroundsdirt figure eightDorchester 10/12/2013
CANONHumberstone Speedwaydirt figure eightPort Colborne 09/30/2006
CANONIlderton Fairgroundsdirt figure eightIlderton 10/01/2006
CANONKinmount Fairgroundsdirt figure eightKinmount 09/02/2012
CANONLincoln County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBeamsville 09/09/2012
CANONMilton Fairgroundsdirt figure eightMilton 09/21/2012
CANONOhsweken Fairgroundsdirt figure eightOhsweken 09/12/2010
CANONOrangeville Fairgroundsdirt figure eightOrangeville 09/02/2012
CANONRockton Fairgroundsdirt figure eightRockton 10/13/2013
CANONStratford Fairgroundsdirt figure eightStratford 09/23/2012
CANONThamesford Recreation Centredirt figure eightThamesford 05/20/2012
CANONTillsonburg Fairgroundsdirt figure eightTillsonburg 06/23/2012
CANONVarney Motor Speedwaymixed figure eightDurham 09/15/2007
CANONWestern Fairgrounds Racewaydirt figure eightLondon 09/18/2011
CANPQMarina de Repetignyice figure eightRepentigny 02/05/2011
USACOColorado National Speedwaypaved figure eightErie //2005
USACOI-25 Speedwaypaved figure eightPueblo //2005
USACTGoshen Stampede Fairgroundsdirt figure eightGoshen 06/15/2014
USACTHebron Harvest Fairdirt figure eightHebron 09/08/2006
USAFLOrlando Speedworldpaved figure eightBithlo //2004
USAFLSunshine Speedwaypaved figure eightPinellas Park //2004
USAIABarnes City Racewaydirt figure eightBarnes City 09/13/2009
USAIABrooklyn Racewaydirt figure eightBrooklyn 04/28/2012
USAIAFranklin County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightHampton 06/22/2008
USAIAKeokuk County Expo Racewaydirt figure eightSigourney 06/20/2009
USAIAWarren County Speedwaydirt figure eightIndianola 06/21/2008
USAILRockford Speedwaypaved figure eightLoves Park 06/16/2010
USAILSycamore Speedwaydirt figure eightSycamore 08/01/2008
USAINAnderson Speedwaypaved figure eightAnderson 06/16/2007
USAINBaer Field Speedwaydirt figure eightFort Wayne 05/03/2014
USAINHarlan Community Parkdirt figure eightHarlan 08/03/2012
USAINIndianapolis Speedromepaved figure eightIndianapolis 06/15/2007
USAINNew Paris Speedwaypaved figure eightNew Paris 06/19/2010
USAINSalem Speedwaypaved figure eightSalem 04/06/2014
USAINSportsdrome Speedwaypaved figure eightJeffersonville 09/25/2010
USAKYBeech Bend Raceway Parkpaved figure eightBowling Green 07/04/2010
USAMAMarshfield Fairgroundsdirt figure eightMarshfield 08/24/2013
USAMARiverside Park Speedwaypaved figure eightAgawam //
USAMASeekonk Speedwaypaved figure eightSeekonk 11/01/2008
USAMIAuto City Speedwaypaved figure eightClio 07/26/2008
USAMIBay County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBay City 09/21/2013
USAMIDixie Motor Speedwaypaved figure eightBirch Run 07/28/2006
USAMIFarwell Fairgroundsdirt figure eightFarwell 08/31/2008
USAMIFlat Rock Speedwaypaved figure eightFlat Rock 07/29/2006
USAMIFowlerville Fairgroundsdirt figure eightFowlerville 07/23/2010
USAMIGenesee County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightMount Morris 08/25/2015
USAMILake Odessa Fairgroundsdirt figure eightLake Odessa 06/29/2012
USAMIManistee County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightOnekama 08/29/2015
USAMIManistee County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightOnekama 08/25/2012
USAMIMunger Fireman's Parkdirt figure eightMunger 07/24/2008
USAMINorthern District Fair Groundsdirt figure eightCadillac 08/22/2015
USAMIOakland County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightDavisburg 09/07/2014
USAMIOceana County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightHart 08/25/2012
USAMIOwosso Speedwaydirt figure eightOvid 09/02/2006
USAMIShiawassee County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightCorunna 08/09/2013
USAMISpartan Speedwaypaved figure eightMason 09/03/2006
USAMITri City Speedwaydirt figure eightAuburn 08/26/2011
USAMNRaceway Parkpaved figure eightShakopee 04/29/2012
USANCDixie Classic Fairgroundsdirt figure eightWinston-Salem 09/29/2007
USANCHarnett Fairgroundsdirt figure eightLillington 05/06/2011
USANCRowan County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightSalisbury 11/21/2009
USANCUwharrie Adventuresdirt figure eightTroy 10/30/2010
USANYAirborne Speedwaydirt figure eightPlattsburgh 08/26/2006
USANYCobleskill Fairgroundsdirt figure eightCobleskill //2003
USANYFive Mile Point Speedwaydirt figure eightKirkwood 11/04/2006
USANYFranklin County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightMalone 08/03/2013
USANYHemlock Fairgroundsdirt figure eightHemlock 07/15/2014
USANYHolland International Speedway (Inner)paved figure eightHolland 09/01/2007
USANYHolland Motorsports Complex (Outer)paved figure eightHolland 06/05/2010
USANYLebanon Valley Speedwaydirt figure eightWest Lebanon 06/28/2011
USANYNew York State Fairgroundsdirt figure eightSyracuse 07/16/2011
USANYOtsego County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightMorris 08/04/2006
USANYRensselaer County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightSchaghticoke 09/02/2007
USANYRiverhead Racewaypaved figure eightRiverhead //1999
USANYSeneca County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightWaterloo 07/17/2014
USANYTrumansburg Fairgroundsdirt figure eightTrumansburg //2003
USANYWyoming County International Speedwaydirt figure eightPerry 05/22/2009
USAOHColumbiana County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightLisbon 10/27/2007
USAOHColumbus Speedwaypaved figure eightColumbus 08/17/2013
USAOHDelaware County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightDelaware 09/13/2008
USAOHFayette County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightWashington Court House 07/22/2010
USAOHKil-Kare Speedwaypaved figure eightXenia 08/22/2008
USAOHLorain County Speedwaymixed figure eightSouth Amherst 10/14/2007
USAOHMidvale Speedway (Outer)paved figure eightMidvale 06/07/2008
USAOHNegley Vol. Fire Dept.dirt figure eightRogers 05/16/2009
USAOHPainesville Speedwaypaved figure eightPainesville 07/28/2007
USAOHSkyline Speedwaydirt figure eightStewart 06/07/2014
USAOHToledo Speedwaypaved figure eightToledo 07/29/2011
USAOHWarren County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightLebanon 07/21/2010
USAPABloomsburg Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBloomsburg //2002
USAPAButler County Farm Show Groundsdirt figure eightButler 08/08/2013
USAPACarbon County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightPalmerton 08/10/2006
USAPAClinton County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightMackeyville 08/04/2007
USAPAEvansville Motocross Parkdirt figure eightBerwick 05/17/2014
USAPAGratz Fairgroundsdirt figure eightGratz 09/14/2003
USAPAGreenwood Valley Action Trackdirt figure eightGreenwood 10/13/2006
USAPAHookstown Fairgroundsdirt figure eightHookstown 06/13/2009
USAPAJacktown Fairgroundsdirt figure eightWind Ridge 07/21/2011
USAPALake Erie Speedwaypaved figure eightNorth East 09/01/2006
USAPALernerville Speedwaydirt figure eightSarver 09/14/2013
USAPALycoming County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightHughesville //2005
USAPANazareth Racewaypaved figure eightNazareth //
USAPANew Reading Fairgroundsdirt figure eightLeinbachs //2004
USAPANortheast Fairgroundsdirt figure eightDupont 08/01/2004
USAPAPittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedwaydirt figure eightImperial 08/29/2009
USAPASullivan County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightForksville 08/28/2014
USAPASusquehanna Speedway Parkdirt figure eightNewberrytown 07/03/2012
USAPATrail-Way Speedwaydirt figure eightMcSherrystown //2002
USAPAWest End Fairgroundsdirt figure eightGilbert 08/27/2012
USAPAWyoming County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightMeshoppen 07/25/2009
USAVAClarke County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBerryville 08/16/2014
USAVATazewell County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightTazewell 08/08/2014
USAVAVirginia State Fairgroundsdirt figure eightDoswell 10/04/2009
USAVAVirginia State Fairgroundsdirt figure eightRichmond 10/05/2008
USAVTPuffers Pondice figure eightBrattleboro 02/13/2011
USAWISlinger Super Speedwaypaved figure eightSlinger 06/01/2008
USAWIWisconsin International Racewaypaved figure eightKaukauna 07/31/2008
USAWVJefferson County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBrowns Corner 08/20/2008
USAWVMineral County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightFort Ashby 07/30/2014

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