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Doug Wolfgang (Driver)
Sioux Falls, SD, USA
157 tracks

Country Region Track Description City Date Notes
AUSNSWSydney Showgrounddirt ovalSydney 12/15/1979Raced: Sprint Car
CANMBVictory Lane Speedwaydirt ovalWinnipeg 07/14/1981Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAALEast Alabama Motor Speedwaydirt ovalPhenix City 01/22/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USAALTalladega Short Trackdirt ovalTalladega 03/14/1984Raced: WildKat Sprint Car
USAARI-30 Speedwaydirt ovalBryant 09/29/1976Raced: Sprint Car
USAARRiverside Speedwaydirt ovalWest Memphis 04/17/1976Raced: Sprint Car
USAAZFirebird International Racewaydirt ovalChandler 11/26/1983Raced: Sprint Car
USAAZManzanita Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalPhoenix 10/13/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USACAAscot Parkdirt ovalGardena 10/23/1976Raced: Sprint Car
USACABakersfield Speedwaydirt ovalOildale 02/16/1990Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USACABaylands Raceway Parkdirt ovalFremont 09/17/1981Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USACACalistoga Speedwaydirt ovalCalistoga 09/23/1978Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USACACorona Racewaydirt ovalCorona 11/02/1980Raced: Sprint Car
USACAKings Speedwaydirt ovalHanford 02/24/1988Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USACASan Jose Fairgroundsdirt ovalSan Jose 10/06/1978Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USACASanta Maria Speedwaydirt ovalSanta Maria 09/20/1981Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USACASilver Dollar Speedwaydirt ovalChico 09/23/1979Raced: Sprint Car
USACASpeedway 117dirt ovalChula Vista 10/22/1978Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USACAWest Capital Racewaydirt ovalSacramento 09/29/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USACOColorado National Speedwaydirt ovalErie 09/08/1978Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USACORocky Mountain National Speedwaydirt ovalCommerce City 07/16/1982Raced: Sprint Car
USAFLColumbia Motorsports Parkdirt ovalEllisville 01/31/1979Raced: Sprint Car
USAFLEast Bay Raceway Parkdirt ovalGibsonton 02/05/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USAFLFlorida State Fairgroundsdirt ovalTampa 02/15/1980Raced: Sprint Car
USAFLJAX Racewaysdirt ovalJacksonville 02/05/1983Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAFLLake City Speedwaydirt ovalLake City 01/30/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USAFLOcala Speedwaydirt ovalOcala 02/04/1978Raced: Sprint Car
USAFLSaint Augustine Speedwaydirt ovalSaint Augustine 02/12/1994Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAFLSunshine Speedwaypaved ovalPinellas Park 02/04/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USAFLVolusia County Speedwaydirt ovalBarberville 02/09/1981Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAGADixie Speedwaydirt ovalWoodstock 03/23/1991Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAGAOglethorpe Speedwaydirt ovalPooler 02/26/1989Raced: USA Sprint Car
USAGARome Speedwaydirt ovalLavonia 19/27/1991Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAIA34 Racewaydirt ovalWest Burlington 06/14/1978Raced: Sprint Car
USAIABoone Speedwaydirt ovalBoone 07/03/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USAIAClay County Fairgroundsdirt ovalSpencer 09/13/1974Raced: IMCA Sprint Car
USAIACrawford County Speedwaydirt ovalDenison 05/20/1977Raced: IMCA Sprint Car
USAIADavenport Speedwaydirt ovalDavenport 05/25/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USAIAEldon Racewaydirt ovalEldon 08/15/1976Raced: IMCA Sprint Car
USAIAEnglish Creek Speedwaydirt ovalMelcher //Raced: Winged Outlaw Sprint Kart
USAIAFarley Speedwaydirt ovalFarley 08/08/1989Raced: USA Sprint Car
USAIAHamilton County Speedwaydirt ovalWebster City 07/01/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USAIAHawkeye Downs Speedwaydirt ovalCedar Rapids 05/20/1979Raced: Sprint Car
USAIAI-35 Speedwaydirt ovalMason City 08/28/1976Raced: Sprint Car
USAIAIndependence Motor Speedwaydirt ovalIndependence 08/09/1977Raced: IMCA Sprint Car
USAIAIowa State Fair Speedwaydirt ovalDes Moines 08/29/1976Raced: Sprint Car
USAIAKnoxville Racewaydirt ovalKnoxville 06/07/1975Raced: Sprint Car
USAIARapid Speedwaydirt ovalRock Rapids 09/13/1991Raced: Sprint Car
USAIASouthern Iowa Speedwaydirt ovalOskaloosa 06/02/1978Raced: Sprint Car
USAILChampaign Motor Speedwaydirt ovalChampaign 09/24/1976Raced: Sprint Car
USAILIllinois State Fairgrounds (Dirt Mile)dirt ovalSpringfield 10/05/1975Raced: Sprint Car
USAILKnox County Fairgroundsdirt ovalKnoxville 04/25/1991Raced: Sprint Car
USAILSanta Fe Speedwaydirt ovalWillow Springs 07/11/1980Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAILSpringfield Speedwaydirt ovalSpringfield 10/01/1976Raced: Sprint Car
USAILTri-City Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalGranite City 07/14/1976Raced: Sprint Car
USAILVermillion County Speedwaydirt ovalDanville 07/13/1988Raced: Sprint Car
USAINBloomington Speedwaydirt ovalBloomington 04/24/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USAINBrownstown Speedwaydirt ovalBrownstown 08/19/1981Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAINIndiana State Fairgrounds (Dirt Mile)dirt ovalIndianapolis 09/06/1980Raced: USAC Championship Cars
USAINKokomo Speedwaydirt ovalKokomo 06/22/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USAINLincon Park Speedwaydirt ovalPutnamville 05/14/1988Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAINParagon Speedwaydirt ovalParagon 04/22/1978Raced: Sprint Car
USAINTerre Haute Action Trackdirt ovalTerre Haute 07/12/1980Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAINTri-State Speedwaydirt ovalHaubstadt 04/18/1976Raced: Sprint Car
USAKS81 Speedwaydirt ovalWichita 06/30/1980Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAKSBelleville High Banksdirt ovalBelleville 08/29/1975Raced: Sprint Car
USAKSHutchinson Raceway Parkdirt ovalHutchinson 07/25/1991Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAKSLakeside Speedway (Old Location)dirt ovalKansas City 08/05/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USAKSTopeka Fairgroundsdirt ovalTopeka 08/07/1978Raced: Sprint Car. Jayhawk Nationals.
USALABoothill Speedwaydirt ovalGreenwood 03/05/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USAMDHagerstown Speedwaydirt ovalHuyett 07/30/1978Raced: KARS Sprint Car
USAMIButler Motor Speedwaydirt ovalButler 05/09/1980Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAMIIonia Raceway Parkdirt ovalLake Odessa 09/06/1997Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAMIU.S. 131 Raceway Parkdirt ovalMartin 05/13/1983Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAMNFairmont Racewaydirt ovalFairmont 05/07/1976Raced: Sprint Car
USAMNI-94 Racewaydirt ovalSauk Centre 09/14/1991Raced: Sprint Car
USAMNI-94 Speedwaydirt ovalFergus Falls 09/11/1993Raced: Sprint Car
USAMNJackson Speedwaydirt ovalJackson 07/23/1983Raced: Sprint Car
USAMNNorth Starr Speedwaydirt ovalBlaine 06/27/1976Raced: MSA Sprint Car
USAMO24 Raceway Parkdirt ovalMoberly 07/28/1989Raced: USA Sprint Car
USAMOCapital Speedwaydirt ovalHolts Summit 09/26/1976Raced: Sprint Car
USAMOI-55 Racewaydirt ovalPevely 04/22/1988Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAMOI-70 National Speedwaydirt ovalOdessa 07/03/1981Raced: Sprint Car
USAMOMissouri State Fairgrounds (Dirt Mile)dirt ovalSedalia 08/27/1978Raced: Sprint Car
USAMOSedalia's State Fair Speedwaydirt ovalSedalia 07/15/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USANCMetrolina Speedwaydirt ovalCharlotte 03/28/1987Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USANCNorth Wilkesboro Speedwaypaved ovalNorth Wilkesboro 04/05/1987NASCAR Cup. Qualified car owned by Roger Hamby. Car driven in race by Slick Johnson.
USANDRiver Cities Speedwaydirt ovalGrand Forks 08/20/1997Raced: Sprint Car
USANEEagle Racewaydirt ovalEagle 07/20/1975Raced: Sprint Car
USANEMid-Continent Speedwaydirt ovalDoniphan 08/16/1979Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USANEMidwest Speedwaydirt ovalLincoln 05/16/1975Raced: Sprint Car
USANENebraska Raceway Parkdirt ovalGreenwood 06/04/1997Raced: ASCS Sprint Car
USANEState Fair Park Speedwaydirt ovalLincoln 09/10/1977Raced: IMCA Sprint Car
USANEState Fair Park Speedwaydirt ovalLincoln 08/26/1997Raced: Sprint Car
USANJBridgeport Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalBridgeport 05/15/1982Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USANJFlemington Fair Speedwaydirt ovalFlemington 07/04/1982Raced: USAC Championship Cars
USANMDuke City Speedwaydirt ovalAlbuquerque 09/02/1988Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USANMSpeedway Parkdirt ovalAlbuquerque 10/08/1976Raced: Sprint Car
USANYCanandaigua Speedwaydirt ovalCanandaigua 06/07/1989Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USANYCayuga County Speedwaydirt ovalWeedsport 07/20/1980Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USANYLebanon Valley Speedwaydirt ovalWest Lebanon 06/09/1981Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USANYNew York State Fairgrounds (Dirt Mile)dirt ovalSyracuse 10/11/1980Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USANYOrange County Fair Speedwaydirt ovalMiddletown 06/04/1983Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USANYRolling Wheels Raceway Parkdirt ovalElbridge 07/21/1980Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAOHAttica Raceway Parkdirt ovalAttica 05/18/1990Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAOHEldora Speedwaydirt ovalNew Weston 04/30/1978Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAOHFremont Speedwaydirt ovalFremont 06/05/1982Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAOHK-C Racewaydirt ovalAlma 05/10/1979Raced: Sprint Car
USAOHLimaland Motorsports Parkdirt ovalAllentown 04/29/1978Raced: Sprint Car
USAOHMansfield Racewaydirt ovalMansfield 07/15/1980Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAOHMcCutchenville Speedwaydirt ovalMcCutchenville 05/20/1983Raced: Sprint Car
USAOHMillstream Speedwaydirt ovalFindlay 08/30/1981Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAOHMuskingum County Speedwaydirt ovalDresden 07/06/1985Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAOHNew Bremen Speedwaydirt ovalNew Bremen 09/02/1979Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAOHOakshade Racewaydirt ovalOak Shade 08/31/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USAOHWayne County Speedwaydirt ovalOrrville 09/01/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USAOKLawton Speedwaydirt ovalLawton 09/19/1978Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAOKRed River Valley Speedwaydirt ovalColbert 07/08/1983Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAOKState Fair Speedwaydirt ovalOklahoma City 06/29/1980Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAOKTulsa Expo Racewaydirt ovalTulsa 01/10/1987Raced: Midget. Chili Bowl.
USAOKTulsa Speedwaydirt ovalTulsa 03/25/1979Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAPABedford Speedwaydirt ovalBedford 06/20/1985Raced: Sprint Car
USAPAGrandview Speedwaydirt ovalBechtelsville 05/20/1980Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAPAJennerstown Speedwaydirt ovalJennerstown 09/08/1984Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAPALernerville Speedwaydirt ovalSarver 05/14/1980Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAPALincoln Speedwaydirt ovalAbbottstown 04/14/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USAPAPenn National Speedwaydirt ovalGrantville 07/17/1980Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAPAPort Royal Speedwaydirt ovalPort Royal 06/21/1978Raced: Sprint Car
USAPASelinsgrove Speedwaydirt ovalSelinsgrove 07/18/1980Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAPASilver Spring Speedwaydirt ovalMechanicsburg 08/21/1984Raced: Sprint Car
USAPASusquehanna Speedwaydirt ovalNewberrytown 08/26/1984Raced: Sprint Car
USAPATri-City Speedwaydirt ovalDempseytown 08/28/1986Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAPAWilliams Grove Speedwaydirt ovalWilliams Grove 05/16/1980Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USASDBlack Hills Speedwayqdirt ovalRapid City 07/04/1983Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USASDDakota State Fair Speedwaydirt ovalHuron 08/30/1977Raced: Sprint Car
USASDHusset's Speedwaydirt ovalBrandon 06/30/1974Raced: Sprint Car
USASDI-90 Speedwaydirt ovalHartford 09/11/1976Raced: Sprint Car
USASDSioux Empire Fairgroundsdirt ovalSioux Falls 09/30/1979Raced: Sprint Car
USATNCrossville Racewaydirt ovalCrossville 03/25/1987Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USATNJackson Fairgroundsdirt ovalJackson 04/06/1979Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USATNMemphis Motorsports Parkdirt ovalMillington 04/16/1988Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USATNMilan Motor Sportsdirt ovalMilan 06/18/1982Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USATXBattleground Speedwaydirt ovalHighlands 03/23/1989Raced: USA Sprint Car
USATXBig H Motor Speedwaydirt ovalHouston 03/09/1979Raced: Sprint Car
USATXDevil's Bowl Speedwaydirt ovalMesquite 03/17/1978Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USATXLone Star Speedwaydirt ovalKilgore 05/05/1984Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USATXMotorama Speedwaydirt ovalBeaumont 05/03/1984Raced: Sprint Car
USATXNorth Texas Motor Speedwaydirt ovalRoyse City 03/16/1990Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USATXSportsdrome Speedromedirt ovalGrand Prairie 09/17/1978Raced: Sprint Car
USAWAGrays Harbor Racwewaydirt ovalElma 06/17/1979Raced: Sprint Car
USAWASkagit Speedwaydirt ovalAlger 06/15/1978Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAWASky Valley Speedwaydirt ovalMonroe 06/11/1976Raced: Sprint Car. Dirt Cup.
USAWICedar Lake Speedwaydirt ovalSomerset 07/11/1983Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAWIHales Corners Speedwaydirt ovalHales Corners 06/21/1989Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAWIImpact Speedwaydirt ovalOregon 06/17/1987Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAWIWilmot Speedwaydirt ovalWilmot 07/30/1983Raced: Sprint Car
USAWVWest Virginia Motor Speedwaydirt ovalMineral Wells 05/15/1987Raced: WoO Sprint Car

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